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  1. JCU-II

    Another thing I just can't understand are:


    [B]Differences between Noobs and Newbs

    Noobs are people that are always wrong,have no ambition to learn,spell like they never went to school after they learnt how to write aand like to go off-topic.
    Newbs are people that want to learn,don't spell like crazy people and stick to topic or go off-topic accidentally.

    [B]What ...

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  2. JCU-I

    I'll be blogging about things I just can seem to understand in this series: JCU

    And to start a singer that's a little polemic here in Brazil,at least:

    [B][I][U][COLOR="Magenta"]Justin Bieber[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B]

    [B]Justin Bieber and relationships[/B]

    I just can't understand what some girls see in this guy,he's just faggy to me,here in Brazil, a lot of people joke that Selena Gomez is the top(I'm hoping this is a fake Hollywood ...

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