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Nocturnal Teenager and Other Random Stuff.

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I look at the clock every now and then, and I find myself unhealthily (is that even a word?) staying up to like 1-4 am!!! For most of that time I'm just listening to music, I don't even have a facebook account (don't want to, I'm scarred to get addicted to it). So perhaps, since I always seem to hate sleeping so much (yet love day dreaming and plotting random stuff) I'm just one of those nocturnal teenagers that sleep mostly in the day until like 12:00pm... Honestly, this was just random rambles (hey I like that as a title 'IC's Random Rambles'... Why are all my titles 'Random' blogs wise?)

Oh, and in other news (lol now I sound like a reporter (oh my gosh IC, loling at yourself?)) I was thinking about making random lists of my 'Top Ten's' every ten blogs. I think for my tenth blog I'll do my top ten fears or something. Hey if you guys are still reading this, care to give me some ideas?

Oh and for those STILL willing to read this, cookies and cake to all of you (with some nice milk too!) You know I don't know why but I think I'm starting to like skim milk better than general chocolate milk. Though I was pretty peeved when my little brother drank the REST of the chocolate milk when I (the only other person who drinks it in this house) only got one glass out of the whole thing! AND IT ONLY TOOK HIM A DAY!

Speaking of my brother, him and I got our three years old cousine into Pokemon! Now they go around immatating Pikachu when he goes 'PIIIIKAAAACHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU' and you know, uses Thunder Bolt. They've also nicknamed themselves, by putting chu at the end of their convieneintly short name. Now they get mad at us whenever we don't call them by that nickname and ignore us until we do... I'm beginning to think giving him my Pikachu plushy might've been bad. OH WELLZ, ENOUGH RANDOM RAMBLES (look, its that title again!) I know what you're thinking, GO TO BED ALREADY IC! WELL I'M NOT SUCKAS, Imma stay up and haunt this site until I feel like listening to music. My mom's not here to wake me up early anyways. Bye bye blog~

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  1. Thanatos's Avatar
    yay another nocturnal person!


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