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Eh... he... Yeah, after a three week vacation, I'm FINALLY back from Barbados (went to see relatives). I'm rather... toasted now though. But eh, it was fun! I got to play with my cousin's, and belly boarding in the waves (I'm not able to surf yet)! I'm quite happy to be home though and see my friends again! But I'm not happy that I haft to unpack, put away, and do lots of house chores today... Well I might see you guys later.

Oh, and one more thing, I was rather irresponsible before leaving, as I didn't tell the guys whose Mafia games I signed up for that I left. I was hoping they'd have a computer but I should've known better. So to the guys who let me be in, sorry! I hope the bmgf mafia users can forgive me as well as the hosts.

~ IC

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