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IC Writes 30 Pointless Facts About Herself

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I thought I'd do a random, spur of the moment 'Pointless Thirty Facts' blog. XD

1. I like sour things more than sweet.
2. I like people who don't care about popularity.
3. I don't consider myself to be popular, I just enjoy my friends' company.
4. I hate cats from when I was little.
5. I'm paranoid that bugs are out to get me.
6. I like slushies.
7. I wonder that most randomest things, like are slushies a solid or a liquid?
8. I never want to smoke, drink, or anything along those lines, I'm inspired NOT to by my father who does.
9. I like facing fears but I'm very annoying when I AM scarred.
10. I like wolves best.
11. My favorite pokemon 'Squirtle' because I always think of 'Squirt Gun'.
12. My all time favorite antagonist from a video game is Ganondorf.
13. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift.
14. I've never gone out with a boy, but I have danced with one.
15. My favorite number is actually 8, because I find that to be my lucky one quite often, I just think 4 looks pretty.
16. My favorite color is blue, but I tried to change it pink when I was little cause I thought it was the 'new blue'.
17. My favorite protagonist is Lucas because he has blue hair... And I dunno.
18. I'm very quite towards others unless I know you, in which case I feel sorry for your ears.
19. Royale Gala Apples are my favorite fruit.
20. When I was little, we never had these fancy wii motes!
21. I nickname all my friends, even the most random names like 'Shmank'.
22. I used to be scarred of the dark, so I got my dog to sleep on my bed with me so I knew SOMEONE was there.
23. Even if I like facing my fears, I consider myself a whimp for having so many.
24. I never have and want to watch the movie 2012.
25. I think bad luck doesn't exsist and that its just your evil trying to convince you to eat the cookies.
26. I haven't beaten 'Super Monkey Ball Two' yet, I'm stuck on the eighth world.
27. I have most dificulty with platforming games.
28. I love Japanese songs.
29. Shooting games are fun, but watching other people play them makes me dizzy.
30. I think rap songs are good poems but terrible songs.

OKAY and that's all!!! Don't ask why I did this, because I honestly don't know. And don't ask why there's so little '!'s either... Cookie?

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  1. Kutomba's Avatar
    I hate cats too! Seriously I have a horrible phobia XD
  2. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Slushies are liquid.
  3. Icy404's Avatar
    I still think they could by solid...


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