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IC has come to conclusion...

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Recently I hosted a game in the 'War Games' sub-section of BMGF. You might be familiar with the Pokemon Mystery Murder right? You guys might know this already, that I'm currently planning a sequal, I want this one to be bigger but I'm worried a bit about the game.

It's going to be bigger, but I think I'm going to need a co-host. Someone who wouldn't mind writing deaths of pokemon, while trying to keep it at a less graphical level, and role-playing as the villagers. You know, an extra person to keep me organized for those occasions where life gets in the way? I found life getting in the way a lot last time, but I really want to try and keep it together this time, which is one of reasons I'm planning this sequal, so if anyone wouldn't mind helping instead of playing could you contact me? I'll try my hardest to keep it together, and contact you when I'm leaving and the estimated returning time. For now I just want a co-host so that the game never gets stuck.

If you do plan on helping, thanks, and could you contact me through this blog or VMs please? I'll PM you the general rules, they'll basically be the same as last time with a few added twists.


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