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Great White Sharks...

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by , 3rd August 2011 at 07:00 PM (262 Views)
Its shark week on discovery channel, so I've been watching lots of documentaries with my dad. I've been thinking, do movies like jaws miscalculate great whites? I mean, yes there viscious, powerful, and look intimidating like every shark... (bad sentence start>) But when I was watching 'summer of the sharks' it seemed most great whites bite you for a test on if your edible, because they THOUGHT you were their food (Bait Fish, Seals etc.) but in the end most of the people survived out of like 18 shark attacks. So perhaps the idea of sharks eating people whole isn't actually on purpose, but rather a complete misunderstanding on (possibly) both ends. What do you think?

NOTE: I'm talking about Greaty Whites.

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    Well, most of the time a surfer gets bitten, it's because the shark mistakes them for seals.
    The silhouette of surfer lying on his board viewed from below looks very much like a seal in the eyes of shark.


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