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Did I brake my keyboard?

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by , 19th July 2011 at 10:32 AM (256 Views)
You know that question mark up in the title. It was done pressing shirt + 6... And my keyboard says that shouldnt happen, doing that should make ^ pop up... I think I broke it now because the shifts are rather mis-judging, though I really think I just pressed something, which is usually easily solved for my thick head once a SMART person comes in. But the only other person here is my Dad, whom I dont want to wake up. So now, until I figure out how to solve it or someone helps me (this Im hoping will happen) I cant type properly. I also can`t do proper grammar easily. So does ANYONE know how to fix this? Its so awkward.

Another topic: Not that any of you care but I cant figure out who I should mark as my main and secondary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Im trying to get a bit competitive in that and pokemon). My options I like so far are: Pikachu, Ness, Lucas and apparently Toon Link (also the Ice Climbers but not as much as the first three). Im honestly thinking of using Pikachu and then maybe Lucas as secondary (as my low tier character) but honestly I just dont know... Meh, again its not like those in a POKÉMON fandom care. (heh, one brightside to this keyboard issue, I can easily spell pokémon properly with the accent!)

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  1. Gama's Avatar
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    This sort of thing happened to me once. I'm in the UK but I somehow transformed my computer to US settings, which have slightly different keys. The actual letters were all the same but some of the grammar was different. For example, when I press shift + ' it's supposed to make an @ symbol but it made a " instead at the time.

    Unfortunately I don't remember how I fixed the issue but I thought this extra information might aid you in Googling the problem.
  2. Icy404's Avatar
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    It has help! Somehow I got the french accent layout and or something and now Im trying to figure out how to stop it. Thanks for trying!

    EDIT: Actually its not french, but still thanks! (so frustrating)

    DOUBLE EDIT: YESSSS! I fixed it, it was on Canadian French when it's (< see?!) supposed to be US. Thank you!~
    Updated 19th July 2011 at 11:04 AM by Icy404
  3. Opossumguy's Avatar
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    Not exactly sure about the problem, tbh.

    Your computer has a shirt button? Lucky.
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  4. GatoRage's Avatar
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    The right halve of my keyboard is broken. I'm writing this by using my left hand for the left side of the keyboard and my right hand uses the mouse to click the buttons on the 'on-screen keyboard.'
    True story.
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