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Heh, I know this is a bit (really? a 'bit'?) early, but I thought about it and I AM going to Anime North. I am determined to have a group of RPGing people dress up as characters from JRPG's! I've planned it out with my friends! The characters haft to be from an role playing game that originated in Japan. We couldn't think of an actual theme so we're going with this. MWUHAHAHA!

*ahem* My Sis= Pain (FFX)
Haden (sis' boyfried)= Ike (Fire Emblem: Dawn of Radiance [I think it was that one...])
Lisa (my pal)= Pikachu (oh come on, do I need to say this one?)
Our Mom= Jigglypuff (yeah, her and Lisa are ditching us as pokemon T_T)
Me= Ness (Earthbound)

Heh, that's the plan SO FAR. I've pretty much got my Ness costume already, I dressed up as him for spirit week. But me and Lisa decided I'd be her trainer as well, so I'm also going to be using one of my pokeball bouncy balls... So yeah, that's what I've got to say. Though I AM still looking for the cap and a more suiting blue and yellow striped t-shirt...


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