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Soulsilver Nuzlocke Part 4

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Once I evolved Kenya into Fearow, it was then time to grind Henry and Rosie. The highest leveled Pokemon I could find were in the trees of the National Park, so that’s where most of the grinding happened. At one point, I encountered a Pineco. I was using Henry at the time. Apparently a level 11 Pineco is able to use Selfdestruct, which is stupid. That was the death of Henry. It made me sad because I was actually beginning to like Henry and he was a pretty good battler. After that I had had enough of grinding, so over to the gym I went with a low leveled Rosie, who battled the trainers in the gym. Before the battle I put on the spare Nidoran whose name I can’t remember in case I got in a tight situation. Then I was finally prepared for my battle against Whitney.

Sandshrew(I can't remember its name)- 19 Jacinta- 20 Rosie-17 Kenya-21

I started off with Rosie against the Clefairy, which panned out well. Clefairy was faster so I used Disable hoping it would use Doubleslap, but it used Mimic afterwards, learning Disable. I then used Disable again, disabling the Disable. Confusing, right? Clefairy tried to use it, giving me a free turn to use Hypnosis. Then Clefairy was out, and I headbutted my way to victory.

Rosie was on full health so I kept her in. The advantage with a whole female team is that Attract wouldn’t work, instantly stopping Miltank’s strategy. As according to plan Miltank started out with the awful Stomp. Rosie was sturdy enough to still be on green health, so I disabled the stomp. She then began Rollout and I used Hypnosis, which missed. After another Rollout I was in red so I healed. Another one worked which was very powerful, putting me in low yellow health. I decided to switch for Sandshrew who I thought could take it, turns out I was wrong. Afterwards the Nidoran came out which I used to heal Rosie because Jacinta and Kenya would not stand against the all-powerful Miltank. Nidoran died and I had no choice but to send out Kenya. She died to save my team and its depressing that she never could show her full potential. I sent Rosie back out since Rollout had finished, I managed to Disable Stomp again. Luck finally went my way with Hypnosis hitting and Miltank was asleep. Confusion and Headbutt were equal with Power and side effects so I alternated between them. Both also did little damage, but it didn’t matter as long as Miltank stayed asleep. She woke up in Yellow health and was forced to heal. Once Stomp was disabled once again I put Miltank back to sleep, healed and continued on with my slow battle. This time I stayed with Confusion hoping to make Miltank confused, which happened on the same turn that she went into yellow health. Things were finally looking up. After one Headbutt she woke up in the Yellow and hurt herself in confusion. I then used Headbutt which left her with a smidgeon of health left; she used Stomp, leaving me to take her out, which I did gladly with one last Confusion. Even with 3 deaths, I was happy to have won. I am sure no battle will be as hard as this one until Clair.

So, I am back where I started after the last gym badge. An under leveled team of 2. At least there are plenty of Pokemon to catch now. Once I have caught Pokemon in all accessible areas, I will decide on new team members. On Route 37 I caught a Vulpix, who I accidentally killed after grinding it. In Ecreutak City I met Bill, I then went back to grab the Eevee in Goldenrod.

I nicknamed the male Eevee Zapp, so you can guess what I’m going to evolve it into. On Route 38 I caught a Meowth who I named Edwina, haha I know it’s a terrible name.

In the Burned Tower I caught ANOTHER Ratata who I called Millie. I fished in Ecreutak City and found a Magikarp which I killed. I didn’t encounter anything yet in Mt Mortar, but in the grass next to it I caught a Mareep, I called her Rosalind. My mum decided that nickname, not me. . In Route 39 I caught a Raticate named Zina and in Olivine I fished and caught a Krabby, which I called Baxter. On Route 43 I caught a Flaaffy which I called Peril for some reason. It’s male. I think that’s all of them. I brought out Edwina the Meowth, Zapp the Evee and Baxter the Krabby.

It turns out Edwina had the ability Technician, which is an awesome ability. I wanted to use it as much as I could, so I grinded Edwina like crazy. I couldn’t wait to try out the combo of Fury Swipes+STAB+Technician+Silk Scarf but before I could, she got knocked out with a powerful Magnitude from a Diglett. Zapp went down too.

I got Baxter up to level 24 and I was confident in his strength. But when I faced Will in the Burned Tower, things changed. I managed to get Crocanaw in the red and expected it to use a Hyper Potion, so I used Leer. But for some reason it used Water Gun, which became a critical hit and that was enough to take out Baxter. Darn, things just aren’t going my way. I was then forced to bring out my Sudowoodo, a female which I called Juno. She is a back up member in case I have another nasty battle. I have no idea how I will beat Morty. Hopefully Rosie will be up for the task. I’m just not good at keeping these creatures alive, am I? That's it for now :)

Bulba Panda
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  1. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    So what Pokemon are in the team now?
  2. Soulmaster's Avatar
    You really need to grind. In my nuzlocke that I'm doing now let me see... I think I was at lv. 40 for most of mine you can check my blog if you want and see. Overleveling is the best thing to do in a nuzlocke.
  3. Pandantic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Soulmaster
    You really need to grind. In my nuzlocke that I'm doing now let me see... I think I was at lv. 40 for most of mine you can check my blog if you want and see. Overleveling is the best thing to do in a nuzlocke.
    The Nuzlocke is already complete and written, I'm just posting it bit by bit :D Also, don't you think it will be very uneventful like that?

    The team consists of Jacinta the Quilava and Rosie the Drowzee.


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