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Honey I'm Home!

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So, things have been eventful whilst I've been gone. I've come out to friends and family... so I guess I'm supposed to come out officially here too yes, I'm gay. I decided to change my username again, this time to Pandantic. It wouldn't let me go back to Bulba_Panda for some reason, but I don't mind if you still call me BP. This site has updated again, it feels weird seeing all the VM's on my profile, I feel like I'm imposing on everyone particularly since this was the first thing I saw when I logged on-


Did you guys miss me? I missed you guys haha, its good to be back. And I'm excited for Pokemon Black and White 2! Well, that's about it for now.

Edit: After being online for less than 5 minutes, I can already see there has been quite the scufuffle about the new activity thing on profiles. Before anyone attacks me I should say that I'm not talking negatively about it above, I just think it feels weird because I haven't adjusted to it yet

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Updated 14th July 2012 at 05:32 AM by Pandantic

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  1. Luminosity's Avatar
    If you want to go back to Bulba_Panda, you can ask an admin to change it back. No one has taken it or anything. I experience the same problem anytime I want to go back to Luminosity after having changed my username.

    I hope your coming out to your family and friends went well :)

    And LOL, that convo.
  2. Zenax's Avatar
    Congrats on coming out! I hope it went well.
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
    Congrats on coming out, dude! Hope it went well. I was wondering where you've been, too.

    I should also explain that convo: it started when I left a message on PkmnGreen's user notes. And then he left some on mine and Synthesis's, the latter also leaving a note on mine. Then I edited his message to show him, and he did the same to one of my messages. Then we started editing each others VMs and making up the conversation as we went along.

    So it's Synthesis's fault. You can't blame him, though. Who can resist this booty?
  4. jda95's Avatar
    Congratulations on coming out! :)
  5. Synthesis's Avatar
    Glad coming out went so well for you

    Also, Kara is a nut who has a rubber butt and will probably edit this comment to make me seem weird

  6. Karamazov's Avatar
    ^ If I edited your blog comment, it would say I did. :3c Like I would abuse my powers in such away again
    Good to know you love Ponies.
  7. Synthesis's Avatar
    Actually, if you edit within the first few minutes of it being posted, the "edited by" isn't there. Awkward.
  8. Oswin's Avatar
    This is all just an elaborate ruse; Kara isn't editing Synthesis's messages, and he does in fact like Kara's rubber booty. As well as ponies.
  9. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
    Welcome back and congrats on coming out!


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