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  1. Normal-type Reviews: Ordering of Normal-type Pokemon?

    I am in the process of going through with my Normal-type reviews after a long time of not doing anything about it (part of the reason is doing the Ice-type review in between). However, I am not going to do the Pokemon based on Generation. Instead, I am doing them by family (even cross-Generation) based on alphabetical order.

    There may be more requests in the future (such as asking for opinions on certain Normal-type families), but for now, this will be the only request, a poll. ...

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  2. When a new main series pokemon game is coming out...

    1: In the months leading up to the game release, read every news leak, watch every trailer.

    2: The day the game comes out, stop going to Bulbagarden and hide from all news, unsubscribe from every Poketuber.

    3: Wait until Christmas because you're too poor to buy the game right away. (£45?! What?!)

    4: Get the game, find the Poketubers, play a bit of the game, watch the corresponding episode, rinse and repeat.
    Is your plan similar? Do you buy games right away? ...
  3. Very, very obnoxious

    It was fine for most of the day yesterday thanks to Halls with vitamin C, but it was fidgety last night when trying to sleep, and now it's somewhat annoying, Whaat's with my one blog a day, recently, anyway? Okay, I know exactly what's up - laziness and forgetting to click the button. But uh, yeah. Cold is no good.

    Also took all over yesterday to install DKC:TF which I got because sale, because my internet was being obnoxious as well. Day of obnoxiousness, yesterday was
  4. Uhh...

    So there was an official case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States recently. In Dallas. An hour and a half from where I live.
    ... Well, we're all gonna die.
    What I want to know is, why do we still have airplanes going in and out of these African plague zones at this point? We don't have commercial flights going in and out of terrorist turf, do we? So why do we still have flights in and out of these areas known to have a deadly, incurable epidemic going on right now? So what if ...
  5. Black 2 Report and yadabada

    Just got my second Badge at Virbank. Man, Roxie is one crazy punkhead! On a different note, completed the entirety of the Magical Door series in the Studios. Sabrina, torture me with your wickedness!

    Just noticed that leveling up in Black 2 seemed to be easier than Black 1. Do Audinos in BW2 give out more experience than BW1???

    As for the WW2 headcanons, thanks for everyone who viewed my headcanon writings! If you want to use them for your fanfics, please ...

    Updated 1st October 2014 at 10:59 AM by henrymidfields

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