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Let's Review: Black Ops II

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Hello everybody! This is Tyler or AtomicMewtwo and I am starting a blog or whatever you wanna' call it. It will be about game reviews, not necessarily good games or popular games, but games that I enjoy, played or have. I usually play shooters, sports games and Nintendo games (never saw that one coming). So before I get started I would like to say if you like or hate this please leave CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM in the comment section down below.

So to start off we (I) will be talking about a game that everybody is mixed on. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (please don't hate). I got it the day it came out and even if you don't necessarily like CoD I reccomend it for Zombies and SP.


Campaign: Campaign doesn't pick up where Black Ops 1 left off. It starts in 2025 and then back to the 80s, then to 2025, then the 80s, and it goes on like that. The campaign, like always, has a really interesting story, as well as the new feature where your decisions affect the game. I really like the new customize loadout feature, it's really helpful I don't have to play with crappy weapons all the time now. The characters are really good too (like always). My personal favorites are Briggs and Harper.

Mission 1: Campaign starts off with Harper and Section, who is Black Ops 1 protagonist Alex Mason's son, David, infiltrating The Vault searching for intel on terrorist and Cordis Die leader Raul Menendez. They find Frank Woods (now in his 90s). Woods tells them about how Mason (Alex), Jason Hudson and Jonas Savimbi set out to rescue Woods on a boat which crashes on a nearby island later. They take Woods to land while Mason goes looking for a radio, finds Raul Menendez' dad and shoots him. They then evacuate to the beach where Savimbi rescues them.

Mission 2: Section, Harper, Crosby and Salazar enter the jungle in search of a powerful chemical called celerium.

Mission 3: After hearing of Raul Menendez's involvement in selling firearms in Afghanistan, Mason and his team are sent there to rendezvous with a contact from China, Tian Zhao, to go to the Mujahideen base and get wind of Menendez's involvement through their contact in the Mujahideen, Rahmaan, who in exchange demands weapons in exchange for his knowledge on Menendez. They later find Kravechenko (who was presumed dead last game) and interrogates him, where Woods eventually kills him. Zhao betrays them and dumps them in the desert, only to be rescued by (an imaginary) Viktor Reznov.

Mission 4: Woods, Mason and Hudson take orders from Manuel Noriega as they infiltrate Menendez' compouned. Noriega eventually betrays them and lets Menendez go, only to be assaulted by him. Raul then makes a dash to his mansion, where Woods chucks a grenade at him, banks off the wall and kills Menendez' sister.

Mission 5:
David Mason attempts to infiltrate Anthem, one of Raul Menendez's strongholds, to gather any intel on Raul Menendez by tapping on his conversations.

Wound Harper or Keep Harper Safe

Mission 6: Harper, Section and Salazar go to Colossous resort as they search for Chloe Lynch, aka Karma, in order to get her intel on Menendez until Menendez' goon Defalco captures Karma.

Let Defalco take Karma (she can be recovered in a strike force mission) or save Karma and kill DeFalco.

Mission 7:
A key mission. Woods, Mason and Hudson capture Noreiga and they then split up. Noreiga takes Woods to prisoner exchange while Hudson commands. Woods is given a sniper rifle and is told to shoot "Menendez".

Shoot Menendez in the leg or shoot him in the head

Woods goes down to see "Menendez" when it turns out to be Mason. Woods tries to kill Noriega when Menendez knocks him out. He then takes him to a building where he kills Hudson and lets Woods go.

Mission 8: Farid joins Menendez undercover and at the end Menendez shoots down Section's osprey and takes out Harper.

Decision: Shoot Harper or Shoot Menendez (Farid Dies)

Mission 9:
Menendez gets captured but escapes when Salazar betrays and attacks the ship.

As Menendez, Kill Briggs, Shoot him in the leg (both lets menendez take total control) or do nothing

Alt. Scene 1: If save Karma and shoot Harper, Farid takes a bullet for Karma, thus, saving her.

They then capture Salazar.

Alt Scene 2: If Harper survives, he kills Salazar.

At the end, depending on weather you shot Briggs or not, the ship will sing or be saved respectivly.

Mission 10: Section, Harper (if alive) and the crew escort the President to a safe house.

Mission 11: Section and Harper (if alive) infiltrate Menendez' base.

Decison: Capture Menendez or Kill Menendez.

Best Ending:◦Note: To unlock the best ending, you’ll need to accomplish the goals below before making the final choice.

◦Pyrrhic Victory: Successfully rescue Woods.
◦Celerium: Recover the Celerium Worm.
◦Old Wounds: Interrogate Kravchenko to learn about the CIA mole.
◦Time and Fate: Find all the intel to learn about CIA mole
◦Fallen Angel: Find Zhao’s secret meeting intel / Harper successfully protected
◦Karma: Save Karma / DeFalco dies
◦Suffer With Me: Menendez is unable to manipulate Woods
◦Achilles’ Veil: Keep Farid alive / SDC allies with US military forces (Strike Force Complete)
◦Odysseus: Save Admiral Briggs / SDC protects the USS Obama with Drones / USS Obama survives long enough for SDC reinforcements / Karma & the USS Obama survive the attack
◦Cordis Die: Save the President
◦Judgement Day: Capture Menendez

Sorry for the long summary, the rest won't be like that. The campaign is great like usual. I am particuarly saddened by Mason's death as I didn't know it was him the first time. :( I give it a 92/100.

Multiplayer: The usual multiplayer. The maps are not as good as Black Ops 1 but way better than MW3. Treyarch did a terrific job at balancing and anything that needed to be balanced again was patched very fast. No game breaking glitches like in previous Call of Dutys but there are more hackers than when MW3 and Black Ops 1 first came out. Killstreaks have been revamped into Scorestreaks so everything you do like kills, assists, flag caps, even UAV assists give you a score, and when that score gets to a certain point you get a reward. I really like the new streaks the Hunter Killer and the Lightning Strike, even though the Strike had to be patched. Overall, MP is better than MW3, and about as good as Black Ops 1, but not as good as CoD 4 or MW2 (without hackers). 86/100

Zombies: Yes, the cornerstone to any Treyarch game it's the always funm always entertaining Zombies. The new TranZit mode takes zombies to a whole new level. The bus takes you from place to place as you survive endless (an increasingly difficult) waves of Zombies. A new mode called grief is cool as it is like TDM and zombies mixed together. It doesn't get simpler than that. If you don't like campaign and MP then at least rent it or buy WaW or BO1 used for a cheap Zombies experience as I am 90 percent sure you will enjoy it to even the lightest extent. 97/100

Verdict: Now I don't try to be bias to games I enjoy but this is my personal preference so I am entitled to a higher rating so I give it a 92 out of 100. Thanks for reading and this is Tyler or AtomicMewtwo, see yas later.

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  1. Blaze-Boy's Avatar
    There's a glitch in my opinion: Sniper rifles can have both dual band scope and variable zoom while my awesome crossbow can't have them both.....XD :(
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    I dont know what to hate the most! COD: BO2 or Mewtwo. We are talking about my most hated game and Pokemon here...


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