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  1. READ THIS SHIT! it's about skateboarding!

    by , 31st May 2011 at 06:08 PM
    ello people. liek mentioned before, i doubt anyone reads this bullshit, but whatever. I just went pro with my skateboarding career. I'm currently about to sign a contract with adidas skateboard, and I've signed with Mystery skateboards. If u guys dont know these companies, it'z understandable. mystery is a pretty big skate company though. they're paying me 400 bucks when I finish a sponsorship vid for them. Adidas wants to sign me for $3000. and I make this money juss for wearin their shit and winning ...
  2. me pt.3 (music pt 1)

    by , 31st May 2011 at 02:31 PM
    wassup peoples. I know a lot of people dont look at this shit that I post, but I dont really give a fuck, niggaz! ‹^› (~_^) ‹^›
    anyway, imma talk about the music that I like.
    so, I like alternative rap/indie rap. thats right. I said it.
    I like deep lyrics. not no fucking poppin bottlez shit. like, seriously. My 2 fave rappers rite now are tyler the creator. (he's a rising star in the hip-hop world.)
    that phuking dude can SPIT. like, seriously. That dude is the ...
  3. me pt.2(family shit)

    by , 31st May 2011 at 11:28 AM
    elloz peoples. i'm juss gonna keep the ball rollin with this bloggin shit, ya know? alright, so I've got a mom, a dad, and a brother and 2 sisters. I hate my family. My moms doesnt understand whenever the fuck i'm fucked up in the head. the bitch takes us to church. God is the answer? I ask God for shit in church And I get nothin. like what the fuck? I hope that doesnt make me a fuckin devil worshipper of shit. My brother and sisters annoy the shit outta me. I wanna kill those assholes. They simply ...
  4. me

    by , 31st May 2011 at 08:23 AM
    alright, people. This is my first blog post, so i'm just gonna talk 'bout myself. MY name's Ray. I live in Bronx, New york. lol, it actually says on my profile that i'm 15, but i'm actually 18. :P my lil brother made this account, but he gave it 2 me. I'm black, if u do not know. I go to private school n' shit. and yes, i do weed. and yes, i compulsivley jack off. and yes, I have a TON of angst. and yes, I professionally skateboard. I have a girlfriend name Gabi. She doesnt do weed. She just likes ...