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My recent acward moments

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1. (happened a few minutes ago) I was blasting Gunpowder and led in my headphones just 'cause I like the song and my boyfriend asks if I wanna go to dinner sometime.

2. It'd been weeks sense I talked to my crush who moved. I had gotten a boyfriend. And he asks me if I got his note with the phone number on it from the guidence counseler (long story) and he kinda asks me out, and I have to tell him I have a boyfriend.

3. I pretended like I was gonna hit my friend, joking around in Teen Living (I lost my sophistication, she yells at you if you wash dishes 'wrong'!) and the Teen Living teacher saw me.

4. I have a digimon story that has a lot of fans atm on I'm about to go to bed when I get a review. I say 'This is gonna be a hater', and sure enough the person called me and my story stupid b words and they did it as a annonmus veiwer. (This was acward due to me prodicting it)

That's bout it for now!

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  1. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    5. That awkward moment when someone points out you spelled "awkward" wrong in your title.
  2. Wrath Reign's Avatar
    Yep, typical me. Can't spell to save her life.


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