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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Review

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by , 10th February 2012 at 10:54 PM (212 Views)
Warning: Spoilers!

Begaining with the crew at their house, the story had me hooked. Due to Maximum's-Max's-dream. I had tried to read these books about 3 years ago and couldn't because I didn't understand too well, and I wasn't too much for stuff like this. Now I absolutly loved this book, and it is my favorite book. I post on facebook about it at least ten times a day, if I bother to look away from it. Well bothered, due to the fact I just finished it. I read that 422 paged book in 3 days. A personal record for me, I'm a slow reader.

These books are the best books of all time! (In opinion) I would recommend them to ANYBODY I saw if they asked me if I knew any good series. These books have really caught me, and I litterly feel like I'm going to die waiting to get School's out- Forever tommarow. I felt like punching myself because I almost cried when Ari died, he's the bad guy! What am I doing crying over the bad guy!? I think his last words were what killed me...(and Max)

I am still in school, yes. I'm not going to say what grade, no. I kept getting comments from the teachers all day saying that they loved James Patterson's work, and now I truly know why. Even my own mother loves his books. And I adore this series. So if anyone out there likes it, feel free to comment. Now it's time for a brief recap of the parts I like/dislike.

From begaining to end. First, I like how they had Iggy be blind. It makes it seem more realistic, having someone be blind. And it's really cool how he's so good with wires. At first, I admit, Angel kinda creeped me out. Nudge, well I related to Nudge because I'm told-and know-that I talk too much. *reads what I have so far* Enough said. And very quickly I became a Fang fan girl. (NO TELLING ME ANYTHING BAD ABOUT FANG. MY FRIEND ALREADY SPOILED SOMETHING FOR ME.)

Needless to say I'm team Fax or whatever it's called. I don't know much about Team Dax or whatever it is, sense I just finished the first book. (Thanks so much Carita. *rolls eyes*.)

Anyways, I was kinda shocked at how the story kind of jumped right into the action. I'm not refering to the dream, I'm refering to when Angel gets taken. I really liked that it was that way, because I hate reading long chapter after chapter to get to the excitement. Despite the lack of description- I'm one to talk - this book is the best book I've ever read. I was able to imagin it for myself, which was great, sense sometimes I hate what something looks like, if you know what I mean.

Anyways five stars for this book! ***** (Those are stars, in case you thought I was cussing.) I recommend it to ANYONE AND EVERYONE! Well if your young it may be a little to violent...but yeah.

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