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Gone & Back Again

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by , 7th March 2013 at 06:03 PM (282 Views)
I think it's kind of funny how you can leave a place unpurposely, then realize you forgot about it four months later, and still remember your username and password perfectly. I do that with this place all the time. I never mean to leave, but I forget to get on once, twice, then before I know it I've forgotten this place completely. It's not that it's insignificant to me or anything, I'm just kind of preoccupied, you know? But I do find that kind of funny, the username & password thing.

So yeah, I left once again (unknowingly) and now I'm back. Again. xD I really miss RPing, so I hope I didn't miss the RP corner's funeral, because it better be alive. xD So yeah. Welp, continue on with your day!

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I remember you!
  2. Ebail's Avatar
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    Welcome back.
  3. SwampertShoes's Avatar
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    Hello! We've never met, but welcome back. =D I know that feeling for certain sites, aha.