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I've been thinking about my post from last night and I was a little drowsy at first but now that I'm better, well I am better.... yeah.

I want to say that I'm no longer offended by the Google Translate comment. I mean, if I know that I am not using any help then yeah. But I made me think... is my Japanese really that terrible? It made me self conscious to say. I mean my friends on twitter who are actually Japanese kinda cheer me on but it's still embarrassing when even though they can understand me, no one else does and it's hard.

So for now on, aside from VMs to friends and close friends, translating anime scans for the anime section and commenting to native speakers or to certain people on Twitter, I won't be posting in Japanese anymore. Because what's the point if people think I'm not good enough. I'm not going to stop learning, no. And me using the character's Japanese names in posts isn't going to stop because I do that all the time. And I will give honorifics to certain people but that's it. So yeah, until I'm good enough, I won't be having it in my posts.

Sorry if I annoyed anyone while doing so. My intention was never to annoy you and my attention wasn't to try to be Japanese, but my intention was to use what I learned and apply it. And while doing so, I gained alot of friends. It was because I was helping to translate. To think about it... I believe that was the biggest reason why people actually started to notice me and talk to me. Because I can speak another language to a beginner's degree. To the point where I can actually contribute to a conversation about KoroKoro Magazine. I like heping people and I translated because I wanted to be the person to do it when say Admant-kun or Dogasu-kun wasn't around to translate for them. Don't know who sunnyshore-chan is though :[

(yes, since they are fluent, I gave them honorifics)

One day, i'll be a good as them and it will take years. But I am doing to dedicate myself to learning this. I do think that teaching myself isn't the best thing anymore. So I shall try.

Gomensai, omaera-san. Omaera-san daisuki. Hitoni.

Wanted to get that off my chest.

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    You should not worry about it, it's okay! Daijoubu! Yoshi Yoshi.

    You are doing quite a nice job, keep it on. No need to worry!
  2. みさあき's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWartortle
    You should not worry about it, it's okay! Daijoubu! Yoshi Yoshi.

    You are doing quite a nice job, keep it on. No need to worry!


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