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my team and advice needed

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since I don't know how to caculate EV spreads i cannot post a thread for this. So i am blogging it' This was my new team for the tornoment I am playing.

ice punch
shadow punch
brick break
trick room

brick break
night slash
rock slide

shadow claw
dragon pulse
luster purge
energy ball

energy ball
ancient power

ice beam

dragon pulse
wing attack

Yep that's them. And I found out that every i went against all have faster pokemon than me so I used trick room. It helped.. but I only won the battle once out of 6 times.

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  1. Typhlosionisafirebadger's Avatar
    Hey, you don't have to check ev spreads necessarily but try figuring out the best stat each poke has and working with that
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    ^ For a start, pretty much that. For example, I wouldn't recommend Shadow Claw on Latios when Shadow Ball would be so much more effective coming off base 130 Sp. Attack.
  3. Typhlosionisafirebadger's Avatar
    Yeah, bulbapedia gives you an idea of what each of your team members base stats are, so play to their strengths

    Latios with Draco Meteor and maybe a white herb/power herb (idr which restores stats, I think it's white herb) would be PRETTY nasty to deal with. You don't need brick break on two of your team members really unless you have some specific person/threats to watch out for, and Dusknoir could do with a diff move, maybe Shadow Sneak?

    Flash on exeggutor is wasting you a move spot, try to avoid most HM's unless you can put them on a normal type and they do damage
    like Braviary w/ fly is cool, linoone w/ strength is cool, but exeggutor with flash just leaves you open to a possible attack dude

    hope this helps!


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