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  1. htghtht

    Question: With Pokemon character's names on your articles; their names in kantakana; is that also their name as well?

    Example: Dr. Seger = Zegeru-Hakase is what was on the page.

    Please because I sick of people treating me like I'm stupid and that I don't know any Japanese at all.

    Of course, I can never be like say... 2 certian people because.... they ARE Japanese?!; But seriously, I'm not making the whole Zegeru shit up.
  2. so...

    next time i want to do random match up; what would be an ideal team? (pokemon or characteristics?)
  3. had this idea;

    I want to get back into writing fanfics so I am doing a drabble with my made up evil Pokemon team (Daku dan; Team Dark) which Ghetsis becomes part of after the events of BW2.

    I... want to feature a scene where Ghetsis and the girl.... blast off after getting their asses kicked by Team Galactic for breaking into their quarters at night.

    How can I work it in? :o

    Any tips?
  4. cool~

  5. lol

    i swear, DP has some of the most awesome roketto dan moments (and way awesome when i get to have them as my serebii avatar)

    who's the lovely female?!

    but the sakaki fantasies.... XD

    I want to seem him this way ...
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