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  1. Wow, i thought it's never happen :o

    I was battling in the competition; and i finally won a battle XD

    it know it;s dumb but i have never won any random matchup completion and I think trick room helped out ALOT

    Because all of my opponents had faster Pokemon than me.
  2. America... what to say about it?

    I don't know why but everytime people and I get into a discussion about our native countries [Japan for the most part since most people I talk to on twitter are Japanese], I can't find anything interesting about my own native country. Why is that?

    I don't know. Maybe I haven't been to the other states and live in FL like.... forever. I don't know, it seems like the United States doesn't have a culture. I cann't find anything awesome to say about the United States :[

  3. まいど、おまえら!~

    Hi guys ^^;

    I don't know but I been thinking that I want to learn Kansai-ben. Kansai-ben is another dialect of Japanese. I looked up a couple of websites and it seems good for me to learn on my own. Since I doubt that there are any schools that teach Kansai-ben in the 'states.

    But yeah, but I doubt even the fluent speakers can speak it. None of my Japanese twitter followers can speak Kansai-ben :[
  4. i've been thinking.

    About somethings I've said in someone's blog about feminism and how I said that their followers don't represent me at all.

    I'm starting to question whether that in modern society, is being submissive to your partner [as a woman] okay? I believe it is my role, but why do I get shamed for such of thing? Do I alos have to keep my partner on a short leash as well?

    I'm very confused.
  5. ahoka;Masuda-chan!~

    ahoka~Masuda-chan replied back XD

    don't know why it's;;; surprising since Junichi-chan responds to mostly everyone but... maybe because I never expected it to be me XD

    so yes, I want to be like Junichi-chan as well as Masaaki-chan XD
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