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Where can I find a Japanese Wii on the internet? I am asking because I wanted a game but my console is region locked :*(

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  1. SONICバリヤ's Avatar
    I know eBay has them but they're pretty expensive. Play-Asia had them at one point, but it doesn't seem like they have them now, so I have no idea why I even mentioned them. XD

    Sorry I don't know too many sites but I know I've seen them at both of those places at one point.
  2. Milkapoke's Avatar
    I would say eBay would be your best shot, but as the person said above me, it's going to be rather expensive.

    I bought my Imported PS2 a few years ago (Two or three, now) for $300 (And yes, the PS3 was out then). I'd imagine the price to be the same as before the next console generation was released, for an Imported Wii.
  3. みさあき's Avatar
    Thank you~


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