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Yo, I'll be serious here. I'm not the best Japanese speaker in the world and I have my issues, but dammit. Someone told me not to use GT.


I'm not stupid. I know what I am trying to say and I type it all with my real goddamn bilingual keyboard. Why am I angry? Because I get the vibe that people think I'm some wapanese person who hates to be American and wants to be Japanese hence that's why my whole entire twitter and facebook is in Japanese.. No that's not the case.

I mean, if I do something wrong, tell me but please don't treat me like I don't know anything.

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  1. Tsurugi's Avatar
    Your Japanese sounds more like you're word for word translations of English sentences. Even if you aren't typing sentences into Google Translate, it still sounds like you are. Please consider making your sentences more natural and less like a overly literal translation.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    1. You're American? I thought you were from Korea or something.
    2. I didn't think you used Google Translate.
  3. みさあき's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary
    1. You're American? I thought you were from Korea or something.
    2. I didn't think you used Google Translate.
    I posted a picture of me. No asian looks like me. So I can't be asian. lol Plus, was born in the US.

    But real stuff, I didn't. I mean comments like this:You're absolutely right that I don't believe you. You write things that no human would look at and say, "yeah, that makes sense."

    Yeah and it was posted to Magneth as well. So he might hate me. Oh well. I didn't cheat. funny shit is that I do have friends among native speakers and they can undertsnad everything I say.
  4. Talon87's Avatar
    Didn't say anything a couple weeks ago when I bumped into some of your Japanese-infused posts in the Pokémon Anime forum because I felt any constructive criticism would be taken the wrong way and have a destructive effect on your enthusiasm for learning the language. However, I just noticed this blog post so I guess you're inviting answers to the following questions:

    Q1. Do you think I (Haruhi) am writing Japanese sentences that sound machine translated?
    Q2. Do you think I (Haruhi) am acting like a weeaboo? / wapanese? / someone who is too eager to show off their knowledge of all things Japanese?

    In answer to the first question, I was actually going to say to you in response to one of your posts that it did indeed sound like you're plugging things into Google Translate. ^^; So whoever it is that has told you this, I don't think he's/she's being a hater and trying to put you down while spouting nonsense that they don't really believe in. No, I think that they sincerely mean what they've told you, having thought similar myself but decided against saying it since (as we can clearly see) the result is often rather negative. If you're not really using Google Translate (or similar), then I can understand why it must be frustrating to you to be told by other people that your Japanese sounds machine translated. All I can say is, I can believe that at least some of the people who told you this are not making it up just to be mean to you. Sorry.

    In answer to the second, I don't think it's your quality of translation that makes you come off as a weeaboo / wapanese / whatever you want to call it. Instead, I think it's the fact that you're infusing your posts with Japanese where it isn't really necessary. That sort of behavior is pretty common amongst enthusiastic beginners and I don't think any JSL (Japanese as a second language) student would hold it against you for being so eager to say things in Japanese that you know how to say in Japanese. The problem is that the behavior ends up rubbing most people the wrong way. ^^; If they don't speak any Japanese, they see you as a showoff and they get frustrated by the fact that they can't read half the stuff you're writing. If they speak Japanese at around your level of proficiency, they might feel a bit threatened by you. And if they speak Japanese at a level beyond your proficiency, then it might make them groan a lil' bit and roll their eyes. That stated, I'm not saying that you should quit writing in Japanese on Bulbagarden. But I think you'd do yourself a favor if, every time before you set about writing something in Japanese, you asked yourself this question: "Is what I'm about to provide in Japanese really necessary?" If you're offering the original dialogue from an anime episode, for example, and then right below it you're offering an English-language translation in a thread where BMG forumgoers are feverishly debating something that has the potential to be lost in translation, that's an example of a perfect application of your Japanese knowledge. On the other hand, if people are engaging in an English-language discussion about Pokémon characters and you start writing out names like 武, 霞, or 棗, then it does kind of feel like you're just trying to show off, and it doesn't help the conversation any. (Not to mention that nobody, not even GameFreak, uses kanji for those characters' names. Their official names are タケシ, カスミ, and ナツメ, respectively, and if you're going to provide them in Japanese then you should provide them as such. I think this was actually one of the very things I was going to point out to you a few weeks ago but decided against since I worried you'd take it the wrong way. )

    Long story short, you're still a beginner with the language, that much became clear to me very quickly upon seeing just a few of your posts on the forum, but that doesn't mean you need to feel depressed or dejected because people are accusing you of using Google Translate (even if you're really not!) to translate stuff. Japanese is a beautiful language and it has more than enough room for everyone who wishes to learn it to pull up a chair and learn. Your adventure with the language is a special one you'll take, perhaps for months, perhaps for years, perhaps for the rest of your natural life. One thing is certain: no matter how long you stick with the language, you'll always have room for improvement and always be learning new things. And that's part of the fun, the wonder, the excitement. Enjoy your adventure, and take things in stride. You're not perfect, but you can strive each day to get one step closer towards it.
  5. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @Contrary; Koreans rarely spell out the Japanese language in English format like Haruhi, even if they were fluent. The only exceptions would be when they are quoting something or referencing names. So rest assured, Haruhi isn't Korean.
    @Haruhi.; While I never really had a problem with any of your posts, I got the feeling that they're occasionally written where they aren't necessary. Also, I don't think you're using Google Translate.
  6. Umeko's Avatar
    I admit that I'm a bit blunt with my wording, but really I was just trying to help you. But I began to get angry around the end of our conversation because I felt like you were belittling me and my understanding of the Japanese language by claiming that you don't use Google translate, when it is painfully obvious to anyone fluent in the language that you use machine translation - not always, but often.

    How else could you come up with something as nonsensical and unintelligible as あなたのあなたのポスティングポスティングこと? You cannot honestly tell me that such a phrase makes sense to you.
    @MAGNEDETH; doesn't hate you; he's not so stupid that he'll hate someone just because they pissed me off. Actually, before I responded to your tweet yesterday he sent me a text asking me to be nice to you, and I tried, but like I said, I ended up feeling belittled and insulted.


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