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Headless Whoreman

An Outlook On the Crisis In Syria

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by , 5th September 2013 at 06:26 AM (260 Views)
If you have ever conversed with me in any way or even associated with me, you will know one thing about me; I'm a sarcastic person who takes almost nothing too seriously. My name is the Headless Whoreman for fuck's sake. However, that isn't the case with this blog entry, as I want to get some of my opinions off my chest, and I want to give a serious, personal outlook on the crisis in Syria. If you're expecting something whimsical or satirical, this blog entry isn't for you. This is something I've had on my mind for a while lately and something I've had a lot of time to think about in my mind and put an overview on some of the possible scenarios associated with a missile strike or potential ground invasion of the Syrian nation. These are the conclusions I've come to, and this is strictly my opinion.

To start, I do not agree at all with how our government is handling this situation. Obama's comment about chemical weapons being used being a red line we'd have to react to was quite simply, moronic. He is as of this moment doing no better than George Bush was about getting us into pointless conflicts. This is a civil war between a nation and some of its people. We have no business being there and this is not our fight in any way, and we have got to stop giving these weapons to the Syrian rebels who for all we know could establish a regime even worse than the current Assad regime in Syria. The devil we know is better than the one we don't, yet Barack Obama and the American government seem to fail to realize this. It is not our job to go sticking our noses in the affairs of countries that do not affect us. Syria is not a threat to our national security, not now, and likely not any time in the future. This is, quite simply, not our conflict and it would do us well to quite simply avoid all relations outside of our allies in the Middle Eastern region. We are not the world police and it is not our job to clean up every mess made on our planet. Just because we are the most powerful country on our planet does not give us a right to exercise that power because our president claims something happened that doesn't affect us in any way but yes it totally does because the media tells us it does.

Second of all, have we even looked at the fucking countries supporting Syria? Do we really want to get involved in a war with Russia and China that would likely spark World War Three? Is this really what our president and his cabinet wants despite a vast majority of the American people wanting us as far away from Syria as possible? We do not want a war with Russia, China, Syria, Iran, or anyone. We are sick of war. We are a war weary nation that just got done fighting a pointless war in Iraq. Do we really need another pointless war to drag us right back into the middle east and stir the pot some more with our foreign relations? Because, and I think I can speak for a crowd here, I don't. I sure as hell don't via any stretch of the imagination. This is not our conflict and we do not need to get involved in this. That's just my two cents, and if you want to tell me your's, you can put a comment below.
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    I wholehearted agree. For one thing, the United States actually isn't as powerful as it once was; it's been rotting on the inside from things like our government constantly sending money to other nations, even regions that hate us thoroughly. Our days of policing the world are long gone.


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