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  1. Soooooo...

    Instead of the awesome pictures of all the cooking I've done this week ill post a short blog from my phone, because apparently WiFi adapters can break. So angry at the computer right now.
  2. Layton vs. Wright is nice so far

    I mean, sheesh. I do like how all the "HOLD IT!" voices are voiced and whatnot, though - in contrast to the PW games.
  3. My Top 5 Pokemon Types.

    Last time, you saw my least favourite types. Now it is time to unlock my favourite types.

    This is mainly judge on the Pokemon and Moves.
    This is not judge competitively since I am not a competitive battler, I'm more of a casual.

    With that said, we'll start.

    5: Psychic
    The concept of Psychic is pretty cool. The power of the mind.
    These Pokemon can be very tricky since they can have access to a vary of moves making ...

    Updated 6th September 2014 at 02:19 AM by White Yoshi

  4. How ironic.

    I just finished the book Fahrenheit 451. If you haven't ever heard of it, it's Ray Bradbury's take on a bleak future where reading is against the law, thinking and refusal to conform to society will get you arrested, and books are burned. Fahrenheit 451's most obvious detail is that books are banned; they're burned and their owners are arrested. Isn't it funny that this very book has actually been banned in some places? A book about banning books gets banned in real life. It just kills me.
  5. Theme Song Changes?

    Okay, does anyone know when they'll change up the dub theme song to include footage from Mega Volt? Because they changed over in XY29, but it's still the same in the dub. Maybe they're waiting until the X & Y rivals appear or are trying to cut down on spoilers (for once? Or maybe they think it's too soon to make a new dub opening?

    And here's another interesting question: ya think they'll do a remix of "Pokémon World"?
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