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Life Update - 4/14

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Hey guys. Web here again. I'm sorry if this post seems a little dreary but I'm a little upset at the moment.

Tonight was our school's Black and White Party (basically, our prom). As previous readers have known, there's a girl that I've been looking to get together with some time in the future. She and I (along with others) were assigned to work the party tonight. Things went ok. I got to dance with her a couple times during some songs like Party Rock Anthem. I'm hoping she noticed different side of me tonight.

However at the afterparty, things went up and down like a roller coaster. It started with her leaning up against one of her guy friends when she was tired (I can't tell if they're gonna go out; they're just work on the same team and the guy is kinda...warm towards girls). However, later in the night, I got to make her laugh a few times as we were cracking jokes which made me feel good. Then, she had a eye contact (not staring) contest with one of the guys and he starts flexing his pecs. Plus, it didn't really make me feel better when she held her phone where I could see it and I saw the name of the guy who leaves posts on her wall all the time. (I'm not a stalker; I just have quick memory). I know I shouldn't let my evening be ruined by it but it still didn't feel good. Is it too much to ask for a chance? God, why am I so introverted?

Well, that's it for rambling about my problems. Praying that I get a chance with her someday. Just need more excuses to see her

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