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Dawn's Return?

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I just heard the news about Dawn coming back and quite frankly, i'm not sure of how to feel.

On one hand this might finally answer the question of whether or not Ash has shared his past with Iris and Cilan yet

But on the other hand, i'm a little unsure of what to expect from Dawn's interaction with the new duo. I'm hoping that Dawn will be more or less on Ash's side when Iris insults him, but part of me is afraid the two might get along too well and join up to dump on Ash (even though, to a certain degree, Ash is Dawn's mentor).

I just don't see how Iris could still call Ash a "little kid" after learning that he's been to regions she's never been to and that he's seen pokemon she's likely only heard about.

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  1. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    I can see Dawn and Iris having a bitter rivalry for their style and behavior.


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