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Srs business.

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by , 31st August 2012 at 09:25 PM (343 Views)
So there's this girl i kinda like, but she can't date until she's 16 because of her religion, and she has much better friendships with guys who are much handsomer and taller and less awkward and stuff. And even when I do say hi to her, she can't hear me because high school hallways and lunchrooms SUCK. I guess I should quit worrying, because it'd never work anyway. (I'm a staunch atheist, she's Mormon.)

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  1. Thundagere's Avatar
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    I'd say just go for it. You'll never know until you try, and ultimately, if you guys like each other, it'll overtake all other barriers.
  2. Master Mew's Avatar
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    Mormons are encouraged (to put it lightly) to be "equally yoked" - i.e. date/marry other Mormons.

    So if she really is a Mormon (rather than just being raised Mormon but not really believing LDS doctrine), and you really are a "staunch atheist" (i.e. unpersuadable), it wouldn't work out and would only end in heartbreak.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk, but if she agreed to date you it could cause serious conflict for her with her family and church friends - so if you go for it, I hope for her sake that she really is "the one."


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