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The Warp Zone


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The very same guy who prompted the police helicopters in my neighborhood (see my last blog) has now indirectly caused an old woman to be shot in the back repeatedly by policemen who shot at a vehicle identical to the one the guy was last seen in. I don't get this. Shouldn't it be assumed that being an ex-cop who is on the run for killing cops is like deserting the Night's Watch, that is to say, he wouldn't hesitate to steal a car? Faith in humanity points: -10

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  1. Setra's Avatar
    Oh my god that's terrible
  2. Durbe's Avatar
    Hopefully they take him down soon.
  3. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    I'm... not entirely sure... what the fuck is going on in this blog post. .___.
  4. Shadows's Avatar
    ...That's horrible... I really hope everything gets better soon.
  5. Jistonmyface's Avatar
    Oh, that bad
    Hope justice gets served
  6. Gaga's Avatar
    Well, iirc, the van that was shot was blue whereas he was driving a gray van. I think there are fail points all around for everyone. First and foremost the ex-cop who killed senselessly. And secondly; the cops who are being reckless in their pursuit.
  7. Italy-kun's Avatar
    @Arc; So an ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer killed three of his former colleagues and ran away, prompting law enforcement on the local and state levels to be on high alert looking for him throughout all of California and most of Nevada. The other day they thought they sighted him in my neighborhood and took off in helis. They didn't find him. A few days after that some cops in California saw what they thought was his car, opened fire, and shot a 71-year-old woman on a newspaper delivery route repeatedly in the back. Sad.
  8. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    OH! That makes much more sense. It is sad...
  9. Marcie's Avatar
    That's horrible! :c
  10. Italy-kun's Avatar
    @Meulin Leijon; They got the guy though, and the two cops who shot at the wrong car are now on forced leave with no pay (IIRC) so it's all as close to being okay as it'll probably ever get.


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