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The Warp Zone


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Is anyone even on that anymore? Either way, I was signing up for it, and this. YOU CAN'T PICK A USERNAME. WHY IS THIS. I don't want to be ChaserFang8504 or FrogCentaur2466 or MistThestral5499 or WombatHex7791 or SparksDawn4742. I want to pick. I don't want numbers. Ugh.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    It's so people don't pick naughty names, like Tittytwisters3.
  2. Italy-kun's Avatar
    Good point.
  3. Italy-kun's Avatar
    Funnily enough, @Karamazov; one of the words I had to type for the captcha was "pervert".


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