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The Warp Zone

More Pottermore

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POTIONS. I can't do them. I can't grab the stirring spoon, and even if I do, I can't make it go clockwise. WHAT IS THIS.

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  1. Baf's Avatar
    After reading that twice I've concluded that you're on crack.

    Then I read the title, made a little more sense.
  2. FallenIdol_453's Avatar
    That happens to me too! I guess it's a bit more difficult to stir counter clock-wise when you're using a touch pad mouse.
  3. Shadows's Avatar
    Try using a faster computer if you have one. Pottermore fails on my mom's laptop but it works semi-okay on my dad's computer, which is a lot faster.
  4. Dragonfyre's Avatar
    Hah, Pottermore. Wait two weeks, and you'll be sick of it.

    Have you tried it on a different browser, or checked the speed of your internet connection? Pottermore gets really buggy when it's not on a good enough pc.
  5. Italy-kun's Avatar
    @FallenIdol_453; @Shadows; @Dragonfyre; It was because I had it snapped to the side, so it was only half of my screen, which confused the minigame a little bit. Also spent like twenty minutes trying to click on Prof. McGonagall for the same reason.


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