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So I'm gonna try to write a Harry Potter fanfic. It will be about a wizarding school in America. (Totally an original idea, right guys?) It will obviously be set after the books because that sure would've been a plot hole if there was an American school before or during those events. (EDIT: See other edit.) I don't know how far into the future they'll be though. I'm thinking either Albus Potter is Minister of Magic ('Cause his name sounds cooler than James's. FAVORITISM AHOY!) and Harry and co. are dead, or Hermione is Minister of Magic and everybody's still doin' what they were doin' at the time of the epilogue. (BTW, I don't care what you think, the epilogue was cool.) I'm also not sure whether American wizards will be governed by the Ministry or their own governing body. (All the American wizards will be relatively close descendants of European ones, as I think it's safe to ignore the fact that you can play as Team USA in the Quidditch World Cup video game. (EDIT: According to GoF there have always been American wizards. I guess that's what I get for only just now rereading the books when the last time I read them was when I was six, but ffffffff, half of my premise is gone now.)) It might be in a journal format, in which case I will need to adjust to the fact that Harry's first year was 1991, not 1997. Still weird for me to think about that, but props to JK Rowling for saying what year it is indirectly (Nearly Headless Nick's 500th deathday is during Harry's first year, and he died in 1491). Soz, the protagonist will find a journal that's enchanted a la Tom Riddle's, but sans the soul-stealing thing. This will allow him to talk to Albus (and possibly Harry, via portrait), or Harry, depending on which of them happens to be alive. Still haven't decided on a conflict, which is kind of important for a story so that it can, y'know, be a story (Unless of course you're trying to run the freakin' stupid improv class I took a couple summers ago, but that's a different story for a different day).

So if any of you guys can dissect this solid ball of rambling to figure out what I'm trying to say, and have ideas to give me, please gimme 'em.

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