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A Wild Rayquaza Appeared!

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Hello. Yesterday, I got a friend of mine to help me transfer a GROUDON from my SoulSilver version (I don't use the SoulSilver version to trade or battle) to my HeartGold version. And at the same day, I showed KYOGRE and GROUDON to Professor Oak to get the Jade Orb. And I went to the Embedded Tower. I saw Rayquaza! And I saved my game, so if I made the Rayquaza fainted or fled from it, I could reset and still have a second chance of battling and catching it. And catching Rayquaza was NOT a simple task. It uses Outrage and it becomes confused after that. And it can make itself faint because of the confusion. After 3-8 resets because of a fainted Rayquaza, I finally caught it using a Dusk Ball. And I would like to ask a question to everyone. What is the legendary Pokemon that you had the most trouble getting?

Have a nice day!

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