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A Silver-Blue Tyrogue!

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I have got my hands on...my VERY FIRST RNG abuse Shiny Pokemon!
It is...Tyrogue! Someone wanted this and it totally worked! My first RNG attempt was a Shiny Larvitar with very good IVs, and it failed...even before playing with my SID + ID...
It's unbelievable (a bit)...because I tried something like this...a Shiny Mareep and it failed.
This one...worked? That's unbelievable...I'm speechless.

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Shining Attempt


  1. Durbe's Avatar
    Congratulations, on doing that.
  2. Shiny Shinx's Avatar
    Thats amazingly amazing! Congratdes!

    Electrike! (Congratulations!)
  3. やみのディアルガ's Avatar
    Alright then...
    And it is unbelievable...after failing to do RNG abuse once, I have finally done this one correctly. I thought it wouldn't end up like what I wanted, but it actually worked out.
  4. Cosmos's Avatar
    Congratulations on the success!
  5. Oswin's Avatar
    Pity it's not 100% legitimate :/
  6. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar

    He got it by RNG abuse. So, its considered legitimate by the majority of fandom.


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