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A Silver-Blue Tyrogue!

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by , 18th December 2011 at 11:42 AM (282 Views)
I have got my hands on...my VERY FIRST RNG abuse Shiny Pokemon!
It is...Tyrogue! Someone wanted this and it totally worked! My first RNG attempt was a Shiny Larvitar with very good IVs, and it failed...even before playing with my SID + ID...
It's unbelievable (a bit)...because I tried something like this...a Shiny Mareep and it failed.
This one...worked? That's unbelievable...I'm speechless.

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Shining Attempt


  1. Durbe's Avatar
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    Congratulations, on doing that.
  2. Shiny Shinx's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Thats amazingly amazing! Congratdes!

    Electrike! (Congratulations!)
  3. やみのディアルガ's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Alright then...
    And it is unbelievable...after failing to do RNG abuse once, I have finally done this one correctly. I thought it wouldn't end up like what I wanted, but it actually worked out.
  4. Cosmos's Avatar
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    Congratulations on the success!
  5. Oswin's Avatar
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    Pity it's not 100% legitimate :/
  6. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
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    • permalink

    He got it by RNG abuse. So, its considered legitimate by the majority of fandom.


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