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Getting Bored! (Project E.T. Day 9)

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by , 12th December 2011 at 01:41 AM (154 Views)
Well, right now...I guess I will stop playing Pokemon for a while (I can still do some trades, though!)'s getting boring.
And Project E.T. is already on its 9th day, and nothing's changed...the game's RNG isn't friendly to us shiny lovers (hmm...I've heard of that somewhere in this blog...)
Speaking of the RNG, I tried to do a shiny Mareep and it failed...maybe I miscounted the Happiness Checker Double Taps (that one's hard...the amount is always large...)?
And I'm not doing some requests for Shiny Flawless's hard!
Verifying my target time and delay is hard (maybe I should try again?)...
And it says that you need a pair of compatible parents with as many of the target IVs as possible...that's hard.
Is there any way of making it easier without bothering about the parent's IVs and the calibration phase?

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