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  1. Tune for Tuesday for Week of 8/5/2014: "LTWYM" by Slightly Left of Centre

    This week's Tune for Tuesday, "Love The Way You Move" by Slightly Left of Centre is something a friend of mine showed me a while back, and has one of the most interesting, yet mind-boggling music videos I've seen in quite some time. To paraphrase one of the comments for the video, I can't tell if this is supposed to be propaganda for something (specifically either that Russians are awesome, Putin is going to destroy the Earth, or that ...
    Tune for Tuesday
  2. Okay, this has happened twice now.

    After completing my National Pokedex (excluding Meloetta), I decided to try and focus on winning the Lumiose lottery. How? By replacing the Pokemon of my living Dex with ones of the same species, only each will have a different Trainer ID. (See, more than half of my collection's OT is Black, my PC.) I've mostly used the GTS to get this done, both by searching for Pokemon I want and depositing them, requesting for the same species. Weirdly though, twice now, people have answered my request for an ...
  3. You know what sucks in Mario Kart?

    When people hit me with an item while I crossing the piano keys in Music Park.


    (I'd say Blue Shells but they're surprisingly rare in the online, at least in 8. Most of the time they actually helped me win than they actually made me lose.)

    Also, the Yoshi bike is ridiculously cute.
  4. Need to get a tooth checked out

    It got chipped somehow, and now the edge of it is inexcusably sharp. I may slice my tongue open sharp. Luckily that's on the 11th, so I won't have to wait too too long. And it's actually a good place too that won't burn a hole in my wallet then do a piss poor job, which is the entire reason why I'm in this spot to begin with!!
  5. Flies Everywhere

    So over the past week me and my family have noticed a lot of tiny flies around the house. I didn't think much of it at first but it quickly became clear that they weren't just flying in through open doors on hot days. I did some Google searches and found out that they were fruit flies. Never had them before and I began feeling very creeped out just being in the same room as them. When we prepared food and ate, they were around, trying to land on stuff. They'd fly out of the bread bin and one even ...
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