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My quest for Omniscience

[SIZE=4][COLOR=red][B]Must... become... the all-knowing being... in the Universe!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

  1. Having problems with B/W wi-fi??

    by , 29th May 2011 at 07:30 PM (My quest for Omniscience)
    Whenever I was using the wi-fi features of my Black game, I've had some occasions in which the friend I'm interacting with online ends up not responding. I was trying to figure out what the fuck is going on with it, but I've found out that this ends up happening if either person was waiting in the wi-fi room for extended periods of time (around 15+ minutes.)

    The solution to this mess? All that needs to be done is to DC & try again. If your partner is the one that has waited for ...

    Updated 29th May 2011 at 07:37 PM by Brumrha

  2. What do those emotes stand for??

    by , 12th May 2011 at 06:08 PM (My quest for Omniscience)
    Seeing that I'm not a big user of emotes like most other people around here, I've got a few of those that are a complete mystery to me.

    Thus, the Hungerer of Knowledge asks you, what does this [B]:3[/B], & this [B]XD[/B] stand for?
  3. I'm starting to lose my spark in Pokémon...

    by , 5th May 2011 at 06:44 PM (My quest for Omniscience)
    Ever since I've erased what little remained of Team Plasma in my Black game, I've started to lose my motivation to play Pokémon anymore, which is really sad, especially considering that I haven't even gotten a lot of the Pokémon from the previous gens.

    So thus, I'm asking for someone to have a fight me on Wi-fi, so that I can keep myself going on my Pokémaniac quest. There are however, some things that you people need to keep in mind. First & foremost, I'm not a competitive ...
  4. May's got a huge bustline... Really, people??

    by , 1st May 2011 at 03:19 PM (My quest for Omniscience)
    Seeing as to how discussing about May's Bustline is a taboo even in a place that's "laid-back" such as BulbaGarden, I've realized that I've got no chance in hell that this is going to make it in Sppf, lest I get lynched by the modding staff over there. But... seeing that I'm the Hungerer of Knowledge, this is something that I can't leave well enough alone unless I get an answer.

    So... with that said, I've heard that there are a bunch of people that are bitch-plaining that ...
  5. High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

    by , 17th April 2011 at 01:53 PM (My quest for Omniscience)
    At one time during work, I've had a customer that wanted a bunch of fries, however, the customer asked for them to be unsalted. I thought nothing of it, as he wasn't the first person to ask for unsalted fries (nor was he the last.) The intriguing thing is that, once I delivered him his unsalted fries, I politely asked him why he wanted his fries without salt. His answer, "I've got Diabetes."

    The instant that I got his answer, I was like, "Wha?? I thought sugar was the ...