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Oh my gah...

There was once a trainer named Rizu
She was spunky, gleeful and true
One day she traded
A Vaporeon for a Zorua
And the Zorua quickly grew

Once when she was healing up
The Nurse there told her
"Your Zorua has Pokerus"
Rizu spazzed with happiness
But not much is known
What will happen next...

So the exicted player
Showed her parents
But they were too 'cool' to care

Are you still reading this? Well, thanks to Dread on the GTS on my White game, I have a Zorua with Pokerus! I was training my Zorua with an Exp. share. Half of my team was knocked out, so I used Rifu (my starter) to finsh everything off. I then went to a Pokemon Centre and Nurse Joy told me my Zorua had Pokerus! This just happened now, and I'm SO HAPPY!

  1. Rockeh's new blog~!

    by , 5th April 2011 at 03:54 PM (Oh my gah...)
    Hello! I'm RockingVulpix23 (But you can call me Lizz) and this is my blog! Anyway, I'm going to expain some things:

    - I'm VERYYYYY senseitve. And vengeful. I may hate you for life (not really)

    - I got into Pokemon a year ago (I suck)

    - My first game was Emerald.

    - I like Pokemon that no one else may like.

    - My Abra is not a Kadabra. Its level 28. It knows the moves: Headbutt, Swagger, Iron Tail and Return

    Anyway, ...