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Theorymoning on Kyurem's new Forme(s) White Version

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, 26th February 2012 at 04:15 PM (583 Views)
Hello again. In my last entry we covered the Black Kyurem and what his stats, movepool, and ability might look like later down the road. In this entry we shall cover its counterpart, the fusion of Reshiram/Kyurem known simply as White Kyurem.

White Kyurem -

BST - 680
Ability: Turboblaze

The White Kyurem, which obviously has to do with Reshiram is also pretty straitforward. Only 20 points were added to give a BST of 680 which is reasonable. Since Reshiram is specially inclined, so too will this forme be. I do not believe that its other stats will change, like speed for example because Reshiram itself was not that fast either. Now, what might change are its 90 defenses. This forme as well as the other look like they have more meat on them as opposed to the regular Kyurem's frail appearance, so its possible that 10 points could be added in each stat for more bulk. That would result in a 700 BST just like what was originally theorized, and it is plausible as White Kyurem as a fusion of two dragons Reshiram/Kyurem should be stronger than Reshiram by itself.

Movepool by level up should be a fusion of Reshiram/Kyurem's:
Start: Ice Fang
Start: Dragon Rage
lv. 8: Imprision
lv. 15: Ancient Power
lv. 22: Ice Beam
lv. 29: Dragon Breath
lv. 36: Slash
lv. 43: Extrasensory
lv. 50: Fusion Flare
lv. 57: Dragon Pulse
lv. 64: Imprision
lv. 71: Crunch
lv. 78: Blizzard
lv. 85: Outrage
lv. 92: Hyper Voice
lv. 100: Ice Burn

Pretty self explanatory. The biggest change was of course the signatures, but this is a fusion of Reshiram/Kyurem. Other changes should be the learning of (Tm) moves:

22: SolarBeam
35: Flamethrower
38: Fire Blast
43: Flame Charge
50: Overheat
59: Incinerate
61: Will-O-Wisp

The typing should stay Dragon/Ice, but due to the Fire influence of Reshiram this is where I think things will become creative. The ability known as Turboblaze, could be revamped to where it will not only shut down other Pokemon's abilities, but also give STAB on all Fire type moves of White Kyurem.

Thats all for White Kyurem, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my theorymoning on these epic new formes. Next time, I shall cover the mythology behind all of this, possibly why and how Kyurem optained these formes as well as what they have to do with N and the player character.

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