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Theorymoning on Kyurem's new Forme(s) Black Version

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Hello all, I decided due to all the recent excitement that it was time that I did my own blog. As new Pokemon, and new info have been revealed to us, that leaves us with the opportunity to theorize on them and the things that we still don't know yet.

So lets get started:

Ah, Kyurem. The long theorized mascot to the hypothetical Pokemon Grey Version. While many, including myself were under the impression that this Dragon would simply get the Giratina treatment, I'd say that we were all pleasently surprised in a big way. While the origins of Kyurem (aside from supposedly coming from space) are not known yet, the original prevailing theory was that it was the "corpse" of the Original Dragon, and that a third version would give him one forme, his signature moves and that would be that.

The old theory of how this forme's stats would look like:

BST - 700
Ability: Mold Breaker or Snow Warning as some theorized.

While the above was indeed plausible, looking back on it was way too predictable. GameFreak should not become this predictable and its a good thing that they didn't.

Black Kyurem -

BST - 680
Ability: Teravolt

The Black Kyurem, which obviously has to do with Zekrom is pretty straitforward. Only 20 points were added to give a BST of 680 which is reasonable. Since Zekrom is physically inclined, so too will this forme be. I do not believe that its other stats will change, like speed for example because Zekrom itself was not that fast either. Now, what might change are its 90 defenses. This forme as well as the other look like they have more meat on them as opposed to the regular Kyurem's frail appearance, so its possible that 10 points could be added in each stat for more bulk. That would result in a 700 BST just like what was originally theorized, and it is plausible as Black Kyurem as a fusion of two dragons Zekrom/Kyurem should be stronger than Zekrom by itself.

Movepool by level up should be a fusion of Zekrom/Kyurem's:
Start: Ice Fang
Start: Dragon Rage
lv. 8: Imprision
lv. 15: Ancient Power
lv. 22: Ice Beam
lv. 29: Dragon Breath
lv. 36: Slash
lv. 43: Zen Headbutt
lv. 50: Fusion Bolt
lv. 57: Dragon Claw
lv. 64: Imprision
lv. 71: Crunch
lv. 78: Blizzard
lv. 85: Outrage
lv. 92: Hyper Voice
lv. 100: Freeze Shock

Pretty self explanitory. The biggest change was of coarse the signatures, but this is a fusion of Zekrom/Kyurem. Other changes should be the learning of (Tm) moves:

24: Thunderbolt
25: Thunder
57: Charge Beam
72: Volt Switch
73: Thunder Wave
79: Frost Breath
93: Wild Charge

The typing ahould stay Dragon/Ice, but due to the Electric influence of Zekrom this is where I think things will become creative. The ability known as Teravolt, could be revamped to where it will not only shut down other Pokemon's abilities, but also give STAB on all Electric type moves of Black Kyurem.

Thats all for Black Kyurem, a very interesting new Forme indeed for Kyurem. Next time, I shall cover the other Forme known as White Kyurem, the fusion of Reshiram/Kyurem. I hope that you all enjoyed my theorymoning.

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  1. Bulba_Panda's Avatar
    since you bothered to write with good spelling and everything, I thought I should let you know-

    Pretty self explanitory. The biggest change was of coarse the signatures, but this is a fusion of Zekrom/Kyurem. Other changes should be the learning of (Tm) moves:
    it should be "Explanatory" and "course"

    sorry if you deem this rude. I'm just trying to be helpful :)
  2. Silktree's Avatar
    I have to say that I doubt any version mascot will ever surpass a base stat total of 680. Looking at these Formes, they don't really seem more powerful than Reshiram and Zekrom; of course, that's a subjective impression.

    Despite the obvious similarities to Zekrom and Reshiram, are these Formes really fusions? If so, why do their names imply a stronger relation to Kyurem? I don't know about anyone else, but to me the idea of Kyurem basically taking over Zekrom/Reshiram's body is pretty disturbing, even if the transformation is reversible.
  3. El_'s Avatar

    Oh its no problem and thanks! XD


    You could be right about that, but they are breaking formulas lately so we'll see. The safe bet is likely 680 though, since Kyurem isn't the Master of the trio theres likely not much need to emphasize his power compared to Reshiram/Zekrom.

    Well, Kyurem is more of a "husk" or a holder to me. Hes like a shell in other words, that could likely hold energy. It will likely depend on the plot of the BW sequels, but I think that the fusion will be a choice made by N and the PC (or possibly fromer PC Hilbert/Hilda). Its also possible that Reshiram/Zekrom could revert back to being Light/Dark stones, which would enable Kyurem to hold them as items, assuming that they are changed to be that way.


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