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Anville Town Day Care

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by , 12th July 2012 at 02:02 AM (302 Views)
My Wanted DW Pokémon

This post is a reference for the Shop Anville Town Day Care - Pokémon Breeding

  • List of Pokémon I'm looking for in Generation 5 - I can breed anything but the things on this list, unless you can provide a parent
    - KANTO: -
    - JOHTO: Heracross, Phanphy
    - HOENN: Kecleon
    - SINNOH: -
    - UNOVA: -

  • Dream World Female's I'm looking for:
    - Those that are listed in bold will also get you anything with Flawless IVs (on their own)
    - I'll accept originals or offspring
    - If it's struck through, I have it, and CAN breed for the ability.
    - I am looking for all the released Unova DW Females too (follow the link, Ctrl+F "Unova"), if you have any feel free to offer them!


I'll update this list every Sunday, or as people trade me them through the shop (other trades will be updated on Sunday)

Thanks ^^

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