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  1. Ouchies

    I got an injection for cervical cancer today, long story short, ouch.
    They inject it RIGHT into your muscle and now it SERIOUSLY hurts when I stretch my left arm :(
    Anyway, screw the list I made yesterday, I've started Crystal. Regardless of whether you want to hear about it or not, I'm gonna tell you :3
    Ok, I started my game, made a female character, named her Marina, chose Chikorita, got a female, named her Mayflower, got the egg, battled Silver and his Cyndaquil ...
  2. Stuffs and um, more stuff

    So, I'm currently playing a couple of Pokemon games and I'm gonna finish/start them in this order (I hope)
    Pokemon Leafgreen
    Pokemon Emerald
    Pokemon Blue
    Pokemon Crystal
    The reason why Crystal is last is cuz it's the latest game in my collection (I grew up with gen III, was given blue by my American cousin in um... 2007, ish I think. The coolest bit is I have a European GBA SP and it works on it even though Blue's American. Gee, this is a long bracketbubblethingamabob) ...

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  3. Yo, world, what's up?

    Hiya people of the internets :3
    I'm Pokefan32
    Here are some things you should know about me:
    1. I'm a teenager. A GIRL teenager, to make matters worse
    2. I tend to complain and stuff
    3. I don't really like regular teeny-girl-crap (eg makeup, fashion)
    4. I don't have many friends (Irl and internet, sadly)
    5. I make crappy jokes and attempt to be witty but it fails.
    6. I have never caught a shiny pokemon except the Red Gyrados from Lake of Rage ...
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