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First Shiny Get!!!

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by , 29th January 2012 at 09:06 AM (178 Views)
So yesterday morning I got my first legit shiny ever!!!! He's a cute little Lopunny named Cherrysnow and I hatched him after 651 non-shiny boundary eggs using the Masuda Method. I was a little annoyed at first that it wasn't a girl but after a short while, I completely fell in love with him! His pink fluff and his grayish-brown body are too cute! I adore him! I'm attempting to chain a shiny Starly now and so far I'm not having the best of luck. I got a chain of 36 Starly and then Bidoof city. Argh. Anyway, when Cherrysnow first hatched, my ds was at an angle so I didn't know if it was shiny or not, but then I got closer and... BAM! I screamed. My mom was worried and I was totally overjoyed :D
Yay, happy ending!

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    Wow, congradulations! :D


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