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Introducing Team Breeder

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(Wow, that sounds like a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon team.)

Now that I've beaten the Elite Four and Champion Lance in Crystal, I'm going to begin constructing a team of Pokemon whose sole purpose is to catch other Pokemon for breeding. As you can see from the Trainer Card, this team will be made out of three Pokemon. That way, the remaining slots can be left open for the parents and egg.

Here's the team in better detail.

False Swipe, Spore, Cut, Rock Smash

This guy is going to be my go-to Catcher. The tactic is to use Spore to put the target to sleep, False Swipe it down to 1 HP, and then capture the target for the breeding intent. Ironically, I'll need to catch a male Scyther and have him learn False Swipe before I can make this happen, as my current Paras is unable to learn it on her own. Cut and Rock Smash are there to help with navigation and hunting down Shuckles.

Psychic, Future Sight, Fly, Flash

Believe it or not, this Xatu is actally part of my first major breeding chain I have planned out. I want to have a Girafarig that knows both Psychic and Future Sight, which it cannot learn naturally in this current generation. He only has Fly and Flash around for navigation purposes, as I have yet to find a Dunspare still, and I'll probably be spending a lot of time in Silver Cave leveling up parents to avoid risk of moves being deleted.

Surf, Strength, Headbutt, Waterfall

I feel bad for making this guy a HM Slave, but at the same time, I needed a Pokemon that could help me travel caves and waterways for those Pokemon that are native to those areas. I kept debating back and forth if I wanted Whirlpool or Waterfall as its final navigation move, and ultimately went with the one that makes sense. I mean, you rarely see frogs creating a whirlpool in a pond, but I have seen several who love waterfalls.

Thankfully, I have a back-up team member if I ever need to go to the Whirl Islands to find me a Pokemon exclusive to that area of Jotho.

Surf, Whirlpool

Borrowing a page from the Pokemon Rangers, I caught this Mantine with the soul intent of having her in my party for when I navigate the Whirl Islands. Being a native to that area, it only made sense that she would have the ability to combat the whirlpools that block those islands. The rest of her skill set is still up in the air (no pun intended), as I don't plan on making her very battle-ready. I also don't plan on putting Waterfall on her because, let's face it, there's no reason to use it once I've been to Lugia's den.

Well, I better get started then. Too bad it's Sunday, or else I would go straight to the Bug Hunt Contest at the National Park for that Scyther I need. Guess I'll go train my Natu and Poliwag instead.

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Updated 6th May 2011 at 11:34 AM by ZeekSlider

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    Only if I absolutely have to. :) Besides, Ditto is going to be jumping back and forth between the PC and the Day Care, so I don't really count it as part of the field party.


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