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Breeding Bugs

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This was an odd morning.

I didn't have a single Scyther in my boxes, so I participated in today's Bug Catching Contest at the National Park. I didn't care if I won or not as long as I found a male Scyther to breed with my female Paras to get my False Swipe/Spore member of my Team Breeder party.

And all I found were females. Females of every bug that I came across! It was very confusing and rather odd. I did come across a male Venonat, which I caught just because I have yet to come across a male of any other type! And not surprisingly, I won with it too, beating out a Butterfree that came in second.

So I decided to see if any of the Stadium Boxes had a Scyther in it. Sure enough, one of my past lives caught one, but it was female as well. I transfered her over, dropped her off in the Day Care with a Ditto, and waited. An Egg came, and I hatched it.

Female. Tried for another Egg.

Female. Tried again for another Egg.

Female. Tried for yet another Egg.

You get the idea. I'm going to be at this for a while until one of these Eggs produces me a male Scyther. And, man, it's going to cost me too. I might need to train a Meowth soon, as the female Scyther that's popping out these Eggs already jumped 5 levels.

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