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Adventures of Summer :)

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So, This summer has been pretty bizarre because it is barely starting to get hot and we are like IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY / ENDING OF JULY... I'd really like some hot weather so I can get my tan on peoples....

Anyways, Saturday I went to my uncles beach house (It was da BOMB :P )
I got to meet my new baby cousin Natalie :) She is my 2nd cousin.

My cousins and I were walking on the beach pathway to go to the Pier and the Fun Zone to go to this pizza place :) it was yummy so i took pictures of the beach even though it was so far from where we were walking :)

100 yards to the left of my uncles house is the Bay (This picture) and 100 yards to the right of my uncles house is the beach :) My cousins and I went to the bay then the beach :)

We walked from my uncles beach house to the pier / fun zone / pizza place that was 1 mile there and back so a total of 2 miles and then we walked 100 yards to the left and 100 yards to the right of my uncles house to get to the bay and the beach..

It was awesome i didn't get sunburnt - YAY SUNSCREEN-

ANyways I just wanted to post a blog XD

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