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Baron Dante

Mischief Makers

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by , 18th July 2012 at 02:58 PM (267 Views)
This is a game. A game for N64. I picked it up with my N64 like 10 years ago. I went through the game 100% and I was happy.

I was happy that is, until I found out that A-Rank in the game (Required for 100% ending) isn't the highest.

No, instead, each level has an S-Rank. You need to complete every single level in completely ungodly times. I've spent the last YEAR playing this stupid game.

After several levels that seemed blatantly impossible, I was eventually missing 1 level. Two months later, I still hadn't gotten even close. Yesterday, I sat down, mashed buttons until my thumbs bled, my non-existant goldfish was dead, and my apartment looked like shit.

I've done it. This game is by far the hardest thing I have ever managed to complete 100%, and I've done stupid shit like Kaizo Mario, IWBTGG, done a few speedruns in obscure games.... but no, this thing.

The game literally expects you to break the rules. One level is basically a forced autoscroller where you must ride a missile from start to end. If the missile hits a wall, you go back to the beginning. But no, you can't be that slow. What you need to do, is move the missile under the level to an area that looks like it has solid ground, then dash incredibly fast to the end, basically forcing you to FLY at parts. But the missile needs to be in a perfect angle, and alone getting that angle is hard, but you need to do it without seeing what you are doing. Even then, you have just barely enough time to reach the ending star. You will hear the Missile blowing up when you grab the star. And guess what? I still wasn't even close. So, I screwed the entire missile at the very start after a bit of angling, and ran for it.

Or how a level requires you to throw the character you are supposed to protect at the boss to kill it fast enough. Or that you need to know to throw the boss 15 times at the wall, despite it not flashing as if it was hit, unlike all other bosses, and then throw it to the ground.

Seriously, the amount of bullshit these S-Ranks need is absolutely astounding.

Now, I'm a person that dislikes the trend of today of games being laughably easy. I enjoy brutal difficulty. But, I don't like games that are there for the sake of being hard. Mischief Makers isn't a hard game, until you go for a completely optional hunt for the S-Rank times. And that's when the game becomes harder than balls of steel. I like the game for it. It doesn't force ungodly difficulty upon you, but it has it in a different form.

I can now proudly say I've defeated Mischief Makers.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Never heard of it.
    Baron Dante likes this.
  2. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
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    Yeah I remember that game. I never finished it though, I remember being stuck on one level that I never finished it. Although I did finish that particular one a few years back then, yeah I still have the game and the N64, but it was fun.


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