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Blue Dragon

New iMac!

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My new iMac

I had a lovely surprise today and that was a brand spanking new iMac computer for Christmas :D I am so happy with it, as I have always been a Windows user and always wanted to change over to a Mac. Here is a photo I just took today...

It was was the most simple thing to set up and I already know how to use all of it's features and apps XD In fact I am typing this blog on it :D I got a lot of other things like anime DVD's and accessories, clothes etc. But this is the best thing by far. Also I am now using different image editing software for my art work. Let's hope it's as good, or even better than the last image editing software I used. ^^

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  1. Oswin's Avatar
    It looks great! We use those at my college, they're good :D


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