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UC's Y Adventure part 6: The Ultimate Weapon

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by , 12th November 2013 at 02:17 AM (1277 Views)
Olympia's Gym was trippy. I thought I was playing Super Mario Galaxy for a little bit. A normal-sized building had to hold that freaky spherical cosmic course. It was actually so trippy, I decided to chug a nightcap of half a glass of white wine and a bottle of wine cooler. I had to experience it buzzed. I have never done this before for a Pokemon game, or any video game for that matter. I definitely felt more relaxed and entranced by the sights. Then came the battle. Sigilyph has usually been tedious for me to defeat, but my Delphox had to step in with Flamethrower and Psychic resistance (yay for Super Training her sp atk).

Little did I know, thanks to playing this game mostly blind, that up next was the story climax!

I headed back toward Lumiose and Cafe Lysandre. It was funny to see the wait staff be labeled as Team Flare Grunts. Like most grunts, they were stupid enough to give away the password and secret door at the drop of a hat, and not move once I opened it.

Lysandre Labs was genuinely challenging. The warp tiles were right out of Blue's Gym in HGSS. I felt like I was stuck for a while until I found a new teleport pad. The back stories to the stones on Route 10 and Lysandre's reasoning to make the world only for Team Flare were intriguing. I'm glad I read the bookshelves.

Props to Game Freak for making us backtrack across the country for this. Lots of the scenes during the story climax were visually impressive. I particularly liked Az's cutscene. It reminded me of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and the BW intro, for some reason.

I posed for pics in front of the Ultimate Weapon in Geosenge Town during and after the climax! It was nice of the game to let this happen.

Lysandre really evolved his team fast with those 4 battles close to each other. He actually almost wiped out my team in the secret HQ lobby. I had to use a couple Revives and my Azumarill had to hang on to KO his Pyroar.

Then came a big boss rush of admins and grunts while Calem tagged with me. I was kind of sad he didn't heal my party between battles like what happened when I tagged with rivals earlier in this game and last gen. It was nice of Shauna to show up, and she came through in the clutch while acting innocently the whole time! Where were Tierno and Trevor? It was funny to see Shauna not wanting to be chased while a bunch of Flare admins went after her anyway. Having to battle only four of the big crowd was actually a relief, but I had to run all the way back to the Pokecenter to heal after I was done.

Then came Yveltal. I was actually surprised I had to catch it right there underground, because I had expected it to fly out and battle a little later. I loved how its intro cutscene showed my player character standing in awe while Yveltal showed off some epic moves. The cutscene also showed off those snazzy knee-high camo socks I was wearing!

I had stocked up on 25 Ultra Balls. I ran out of Quick Balls and had only 2 Dusk Balls left and wasn't able to go back and stock more of those.

My Venusaur came out first. I used Sleep Powder and switched to my Mammoswine. Yveltal woke up, and Ice Fang got it down to half HP... while freezing it! Then I said "why not," fearing it would immediately unfreeze, and threw a Dusk Ball at it right there. It caught! Once again, I bought tons of Ultra Balls and expected an arduous battle with a legendary to whittle its HP to the red, and I caught it with one ball I already had! My luck is very weird sometimes.

When the game asked if I wanted to put Yveltal in my party, I couldn't say no! I sent my Shelgon back to the PC. Just like in Black, I replaced my main party's Dragon with the mascot... and the mascot had a Special Attack-reducing nature. -_- (Jolly)

Then Lysandre came back in wearing some of Clemont's gear, wanting the legendary back. Finally, there was another ingame trainer who used megas! Yveltal dispatched Mienshao right away with Oblivion Wing, Mammoswine took care of Honchkrow, Mienfoo beat Pyroar, and finally came Mega Venusaur vs. Mega Gyarados.

Pokemon scenes are even more epic when things shake out right in your own battles!

My mega vs. mega part didn't last for long, as I was only able to set up a Leech Seed before Outrage took out a chunk of Venusaur's HP. I switched into Azumarill to nullify it and then KOed Gyarados with Superpower. (thank goodness I knew its mega was Water/ Dark!)

Lysandre had a dramatic defeat, and then epically shot that energy up into space and back down to destroy the weapon. Team Flare was defeated, and the rivals invited me back to Anistar to pick up where we left off.

X and Y bring the argument about saving lives at the expense of others. I thought Xerneas and Yveltal's roles of life and destruction would be played out more obviously, but the games take the energy angle. Both giving and destroying life involved energy, and the mascots exert and absorb it, which is what prompted powering the Ultimate Weapon. Yveltal's story reminded me of a phoenix, with the energy at the end of its lifespan.

After I caught Yveltal, I posted about it on my Facebook. Within minutes, a friend of mine playing X want me to trade it for his Xerneas and back so we could both get the Pokedex data. I finally added his friend code and traded without a problem while we Facebook messaged each other. (I didn't realize that Xerneas didn't have its antlers glowing all the time.) He also showed me his impressive shiny collection in the trade window. (I don't have that many shinies, and none yet in Gen VI.)

Of course, I had to try Pokemon-Amieing Yveltal! It was funny to see that big, badass destruction bird enjoy being rubbed and fed! (but I had to rub its feet first before finally being able to rub its head... it likes it when I rub its chest)

Current team:

Shelgon (Smaug) lv 48
Delphox (Hermione) lv 49
Mienfoo (Nack) lv 49
Mamoswine (Blanket) lv 48
Azumarill (Seven) lv 49
Venusaur (Sapsaur) lv 48

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