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UC's Y Adventure part 1: Here I Am!

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After getting my copy at Nintendo World's raucous launch party during an exhausting New York Comic Con weekend (recap to come later), I set off through Kalos with my Mild female Fennekin nicknamed Hermione (creative, I know...). My character's name is Kristin (my real name), and my friend code is in the thread in the XY forum.

I managed to avoid most of the Internet leaks, although I overheard some more information about the game from regular conversations. (One guy whose house I stayed over during the con spilled the beans on some Pokémon I could get during the postgame when I innocently mentioned my strter and favorite Pokémon.) This is still pretty much a blind playthrough and I still don't know everyone I will encounter or what teams the Gym Leaders use. I can never speed run these games because I like to savor the experience and there are times that I can't devote to Pokémon.

First, I have to say that I love the cinematics in some of the cutscenes, Sycamore's intro and the Fletchling scene after that.

Then, I made all the rivals call me K-Dawg after reading the suggestions in their dialogue. Because, you know, then they'll all sound more gangsta in the fantasy counterpart of France. When Shauna tagged with me in the Santalune Forest and healed me for free, I took that chance to level grind. I love the Fletchling cries in that soundtrack, by the way.

My goal in this game is to have one Pokémon from each gen on my final main team. (I'll use whomever I want in the sequel.) One of the Pokémon I want to use is Azumarill, and I wasted Poké Balls and caught four different Azurill just to get one with Huge Power and a Nature that didn't reduce Attack. (got a Brave one!) I named it Seven afer an infamous troll spammer on one of the old Pokémon fansite forums I occasionally posted on during the turn of the millennium. (Marril 7)

Pokémon-Amie is really cute! I left smear marks in my lower screen protector just from rubbing them! The minigames are very entertaining too. Just don't rub Pikachu's cheeks...

I tried Super Training as well. That is also almost as entertaining as Pokémon-Amie, although as a left-hander, it feels awkward to have the stylus in my right hand while I use my left for the circle pad. My Fennekin got a little Sp Atk boost from tht already.

Roller Skating was a little hard to get used to. Those cafes in Santalune made it harder because the chairs and tables stick out, and I actually skated right into seated position at a table!

The new Exp Share made my higher-leveled team members level up a little too fast. It'll be more useful when I have one significantly lower-leveled Pokémon in my party that I'm training along with my main team members.

NYCC, Streetpassing, and battery life meant that I couldn't spend too much time on the game this weekend. I finally beat Viola in a karaoke bar during an NYCC afterparty. I knew she had a Vivillon, but was pleastantly surprised to see a Surskit. Viola makes so many photograpic puns, it brought me back to those photo classes I took in high school!

Current team:

Fennekin lv 15 (Hermione)
Azurill lv 13 (Seven)
Dunsparce lv 13
Fletchling lv 14
Pikachu lv 12
Butterfree lv 12

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