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UC's Y Adventure part 2: So THAT'S A Fairy?!

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I can't believe how far apart the first two badges are in these games! I give props to Game Freak for making more towns without Gyms, but I expected to battle Grant much sooner. It's a nice change of pace from Unova, though, but reminds me of how long it took to battle Hugh a second time in BW2.

There are some awesome visuals in XY! I love the little touches they added, like adding artwork, although I wish we could better looks at some of those paintings. The camera feature is really well done for a video game. As someone who loves photography, I enjoyed tinkering with the different settings and tried artistic angles. It beats Cameron the Photographer from HGSS! (Although I liked how you posed with your team in HGSS)

So many Pokémon were retconned to Fairy! I never expected Snubbull to be pure Fairy; I used Rock Smash on one and it RESISTED it when I expected it to be super effective! They've never completely retconned a Pokémon's type before, they've just added an extra one. I was also surprised to see Mr. Mime as Psychic/ Fairy.

I also discovered a Pokémon that I never saw before after avoiding the leaks: Carbink.

I beat Grant on a connecting flight to Boston on my way to Houston. The flight was only 38 minutes long, so I could really only get the battle done. On the next flight, I played some more, but then my 3DS battery went low. (I should focus on charging more than my phone!)

Reflecting Cave is visually impressive, but frustrating. The level curve is a little higher than Gen V, so I'm sending out most of my team to take down one or two Pokémon. (and usually send my Azumarill to crush them when the others fail) I'm also buying balls left and right to catch so many wild Pokémon!

My goal of having one Pokémon from each gen in my main team is close to finished, I just need a Gen IV 'mon of different types. (hopefully I can get a Mamoswine or something if it's available)

And I finally get to use a Mienfoo, after my plans to use one in Black fell through when I got an Adamant Archeops.

Current team:

Braixen (Hermione) lv 28
Azumarill (Seven) lv 28
Ivysaur (Sapsaur) lv 27
Bagon (Smaug) lv 26
Mienfoo (Nack) lv 26
Helioptile lv 27

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  1. Mantyke's Avatar
    Nice team! :) You can catch Piloswine once you get to the Frost Cavern north of Dendemille Town (and you get to ride a Mamoswine!) and then you can evolve it.


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